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Sunday, 04 October 2015

Human Hair Blog

Camille has been in the Human Hair business for over 20 years. In the articles below you will find valuable information, tips, and advice to help you get the most from your Human Hair products.

Hair Extension Removal - Weave Hair Removal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 28 March 2013

Removing your hair extension weave should be done properly.  Too often negative comments are made about hair weaving because people do not take the time to remove the weave properly.  When deciding to wear hair weaves one should take the time to research whether this technique is suitable for them, for example a person with hair loss should never wear a hair weave extension, since the weight will be pulling on their existing thin hair.  Also if you must wear a weave try wearing cuticle hair extension or virgin cuticle hair extension.

Wash your weave and condition it before you remove them - By doing this the hair will be easier to work with.

Please take your time when removing your hair weaves, you do not want to accidentally cut your own hair. 

After removing your hair weave, unravel you braids very slowly and thoroughly.  If you do unravel the braids quickly you may end up with one tangled, painful mess.  Since your hair has been braided for a while you may come across tangles and knots, all you have to do if this does happen is to take your time and slowly unravel your hair. 

After Removing Your Weave -  Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent matting of the shed hair. Your hair will have some shedding since it has been braided for some time and this is completely normal. Do Not Panic!











All About Human Hair Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 12 May 2011
Today I would like to talk about the workmanship that goes into the construction of a Human Hair wig. First grade Human Hair wigs are the highest quality wigs you can buy, and the most expensive. However the difference in quality is one you can really see and feel. More and more customers are making the investment in a first grade Human Hair wig that will keep looking great after a cheaper synthetic wig has tapped out.
First grade Human Hair is just what it sounds like: real human hair. It takes six to ten ponytails to make a full wig. First grade Human Hair wigs still have the cuticle layer which is the outermost part of the hair strand. The cuticle layer of the hair is all flowing in the same direction, the way it would naturally. This keeps the hair from tangling and reflects light, making the hair natural looking and shiny.  
A high quality wig will have a monofilament cap made of lace or gauze that is almost transparent. Hair is attached by hand-tying one strand at a time to the base. It is a slow and precise process that can take over two weeks for a single wig. But the results are worth the time: on a monofilament wig the hair strands can move freely, which allows for easier styling and for ventilation which keeps the scalp dry and cool. Best of all the hair appears to be growing straight from the scalp, resulting in the most natural looking wig on the market.  
So now you know why a Human Hair wig costs more than a synthetic wig. But rest assured, a first grade Human Hair wig is the best made wig you can buy and can last six to eight years if it is properly maintained. The wig will come with the correct care instructions that you should follow to the letter. Also, consider investing in a good wig stand. It’s essential to place your Human Hair wig on a stand while in storage to preserve the wigs shape. The wig stand will also help air out the wig and allow it to dry properly after washing. You can also use the wig stand while styling your wig. What products do you need to wash and style your wig? Because the hair may be slightly processed it is best to purchase a Human Hair Kit. The kit comes with the shampoo and conditioner and finishing spray specially formulated to use on Human Hair wigs.
Buy a first grade Human Hair wig and care for it properly and you will not just have the best-looking wig in Toronto, you will have the best-looking hair in Toronto!  
Wig Sizes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 28 April 2011
It is extremely important that before you purchase any wig you should have the proper measurment of your head taken to be quite sure you are purchasing the correct size of wig. Wigs are available in many sizes and sometimes customers purchase the wrong size of wig and this can cause headaches if the wig is too small or cause the style to look wiggy if the wig is too large. Most people wearing wigs are not aware of the different wig sizes or do not care to know, all they are interested in is that the person selling the wig do a proper fitting. I would like to mention the different wig sizes.
                            PPP means (Ultra Petite) = 20 1/2"
                            PP   means (Petite Petite) = 20  3/4"
                            P     means (Petite) = 21"
                            PA   means (Petite Average) = 21 1/4"
                            A     means (Average) = 21 1/2"
                            A/L  means  (Average Large) = 22 1/4"
                            L      means  (large large)  = 23"

If your measurements do not appear within these measurements then you will have to have a specially made wig, what we call a "custom made unit." You may also choose the type of hair and workmanship for your wig.
Perfect Prom Hair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011
Get the hottest hair looks just in time for Prom. With a sexy new wig you can dance and have fun all night without worrying about your look falling flat. Synthetic or human hair extensions can add drama and romance to your hairstyle, and we also sell 100% human hair clip-on bangs for only $65.00. Before you make an appointment with the hairdresser come visit us and get excited about a hot new look you can rock for Prom and keep for the next big occasion.
Toronto Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Monday, 18 April 2011
A woman came to me today with a wig that was purchased from a wig store here in Toronto (no names!) I was shocked to find out the lady paid over $2000 for a human hair wig that, first of all, was only partly mono and the entire wig was machine sewn. This made me very upset since our industry needs to be regulated. Frankly speaking the woman was ripped off. The only thing about the wig that was good was the hair (the hair was indeed a remy hair let me be fair to the shop) but the construction was awful. For this price please, customers, make sure you get what you pay for. Please do your homework before purchasing a wig, never never let any wig shops pressure you into believing you must order your wig ASAP. Do your research! Cancer patients and medical clients, do not let any wig shop tell you to make a spur of the moment decision, take your time to make this important purchase. Too often women rush into making decisions because it is their hair, but please take your time and shop around and you will not be ripped off like this woman was. Buyer beware. If you are losing your hair quickly, wear a turban or a scaf until you can make the right decision regarding your medical wig.
Hair Tips for Cancer Patients PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Friday, 15 April 2011
Now that we've talked about the importance of getting a wig before you begin treatments, I want to go into more detail about how a cancer patient can minimize stress around hair loss. The first step is to get a well fitted and high quality wig. Then, in my opinion, the patient should remove their hair, either shaving it bald or cutting it short, before their first treatment. Having your hair fall out can be very traumatizing and cause people to panic. If your hair is cut very short, or already shaved, you will spare yourself this ordeal. Avoiding the stress of your hair falling out, and having a wig that looks and feels just like your natural hair, will go a long way towards keeping you feeling positive and strong.
Cancer Patients and Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Monday, 11 April 2011
Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments lose their hair fairly quickly. It's quite likely that 14 days after your first treatment, your hair will have fallen out.

That's why it's important to get fitted for a wig BEFORE you begin your treatment. We can find a wig that exactly matches your hair colour, and you can take it in to a hairdresser to have it styled, while your hair is still looking its best.

Also chemotherapy is quite physically demanding for most people, and once you are receiving treatments going out and shopping for a wig may be the last thing you feel like doing.

Getting a wig before you begin your first treatment is a positive and proactive step. Losing your hair can be very traumatic, but having a beautiful wig onhand may help ease the shock of the process. I believe very much in the power of positive thinking, and being confident about how you look can go a long way in helping you stay strong during a time when you will need all your strength.
Give Your Hair a Vacation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Wednesday, 06 April 2011
Years of styling can leave hair dry, brittle and damaged. You can spend a small fortune on more products that just mask the problem, or you can let your hair heal under a fashionable and natural-looking wig. With a wig you never have a bad hair day and you give your real hair a much needed break from styling.
Wigs and Chemotherapy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Sunday, 03 April 2011
Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer go through many physical changes, including hair loss. Some cancer medications designed to treat aggressive cancers cause total hair loss, other medications may cause hair to thin. Hair usually starts growing back a few weeks after the last treatment, however while treatment is ongoing many patients choose to wear a wig. Losing your hair can be very traumatic, and a wig can help raise confidence and keep your spirits up during a difficult time.

People who are considering chemotherapy should ask their doctor about a prescription for what is called a "hair prosthesis". Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a wig needed for medical purposes.
Alopecia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Friday, 01 April 2011
Alopecia means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can occur as a result of age, genetic factors, hormone levels, or even certain hairstyling routines such as tight ponytails or braids or excessive use of hair relaxer solutions or hot hair irons. Sometimes Alopecia is an indicator of an underlying medical condition, such as iron deficiency.

There are medications available to treat alopecia, as well as surgical options such as follicle transplants. A high quality, natural looking wig can be used in conjunction with these treatments, or as an alternative to them. Patients suffering from Alopecia often find that a wig is a simple and effective way to deal with hair loss.
Wigs and Hair Replacement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
For people who have lost their hair, either temporarily due to chemotherapy, or permanently due to a medical condition, wigs are one of the most popular options.
Selecting a wig as your hair replacement option requires no surgery and is a small monetary investment compared to other options.
Choosing a Wig Type PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Wigs come in both human hair and synthetic hair varieties, in many natural colors, and a great variety of textures. The options can be overwhelming at first, but a trained wig specialist can help you find a wig that is right for you.
Care and Customization PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
When caring for a synthetic wig it is important to use products specifically made for synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and do not allow for much customization.
On the other hand, human hair wigs can be colored, cut and curled and you can use regular human hair styling products.
Using a wig gives your existing hair a break from treatments and styling and can allow undergrowth to flourish.
Human Hair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 24 March 2011

A client ask a question the question was "Does human hair wigs generate more heat than synthetic wigs? In my opinion it really does not matter most wigs shops would like you to think that synthetic wigs generate more heat when in reality it is the type of construction of the wigs that determines if the wigs will generate more heat on the scalp. For example a total machine made wig will not generate more heat regardless if the wig is synthetic hair or human hair, machine made wigs seems to have more air vents however it has a lot of disadvantage if the client is going through medical treatment and have total hair loss. The medical client should choose a total mono wig or a partial mono wigs cap. These caps are better for medical clients because it looks as though the hair is growing from the scalp however it has a tendency to generate some degree of heat on some customers scalp. If the wigs is going to be made custom fitted maybe one could ask for a cotton base this would help a great deal or having a partial mono wigs helps because the back is machine sewn. Total mono wigs are the top of the line when it comes to workmanship of a wig but there is some degree of heat that some customers will experience.

Medical Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 17 February 2011

Medical wigs are wigs that have special features such as a secure fit, added comfort and a natural appearance. In today's wigs making world, the entire wig could be totally hand-crafted or partial hand-crafted. Partial hand-crafted wigs can give the appearance as though the hair is growing from the scalp. A new technology called non-slip grips is a special silicone non-slip material to prevent the wig from shifting on the head. For sensitive scalp these wigs have a cushioned soft material and is suitable for Alopecia, Chemotherapy or other medical treatments clients. For further information please call 416 624 6560 or 416 694 5553 for a consultation.

Human Hair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Monday, 07 February 2011

Today I have decided to spend some time explaining human hair second grade also referred to as non-remy human hair. Non-remy hair is produced when the first grade is hackled and the hair left in the hackled with the roots and tips of the hair all mixed up is call non-remy hair also known as second grade human hair. Because the roots and tips of the hair is mixed the hair cuticles are not going in the same direction and if the hair cuticles are not in the same direction the hair will tangle.

To prevent this massive tangle the hair companies acid wash the hair with acids. Ever wonder why sometimes when you wash your human hair wigs or weaves it has a smell? Well what you are smelling is the chemicals used to totally removed the cuticles , if these hair cuticles from the non-remy hair are not removed the hair will tangle. This type of human hair is called regular human hair and is sometimes priced for $20.00 a pack for 4ozs. By using this hair some people will have itchy scalp and sometimes headaches. I would suggest you wash second grade human hair before attaching to you existing hair.

I would also like to share an experience with you I had when I was training in Korea. I was learning how to process second grade human hair in a hair factory and because I did not know how to speak Korean everything was done by sign language. When the chemicals were mixed together with the acids a cloud of fumes escaped and I was trapped inside the factory and almost lost my eyesight, when I returned to Toronto, for about 6 months I had problems with the nerves in one of my eyes this is just to explain to you the harsh chemicals that are used to process second grade human hair. Some hair companies use these same chemicals to process first grade human hair, I advise my clients to purchase virgin hair or hair that was not given harsh acid wash.

Children's Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 27 January 2011

A child wearing a wig is totally different from an adult wearing a wig. Sometimes a child ends up wearing a wig that is sized for an adult. When purchasing a wig for a child please remember that a child has to play, and do all the things that a child does. In my opinion children should use disposable wigs in other words "throw away units" there is a full cap called the NX-GEN SKIN EFFECTS unit, this unit is made from 100% human hair length of the hair is around 14 to 16 inches. Base is micro-thin skin with special V-loop throughout. Application type is full head bonding only and this unit can be cut down to size, there is no need for a custom made work. This unit is also free style and last for 3 months, it is recommended that these units be purchased on a programme sale . My next suggestion for a child would be the stretch cap lace wigs with self grips.

Men's Hair Systems PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 20 January 2011

Regarding men's hair systems, before shopping for a hair system ( toupee ) one should first do their homework properly. Please look at the quality of hair and also the type of base. Also, check to see if the type of construction of the hairpiece is made by hand, or machine? Please remember in the hair industry the finest workman-ship is done by hand not a machine (made to look as though it is done by hand). Over the years I have probably cut and style thousands of hair systems and before selling a hair system I first meet with the client and explain again the different types of hair systems since we are always updating our hair systems with the latest style and designs.

European Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 13 January 2011

Writing this blog will make a lot of people upset however I really do not care since I am know for being outspoken in the hair industry. European wigs are over priced and a complete waste of money. For people who have thousand of dollars to throw away then they can go right ahead and purchase a European wig.

Blended Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A client came to see me last week and bought a wig she had purchased from a reputable wig shop in Toronto. The client told me the wig was a blended wig and inside the wig said blended fibre. Blended wigs I explain to her has several meanings. The client thought she had purchased human hair blended with synthetic hair, however after I tested the wig there were no human hair mixed with the synthetic fibre. What the client actually purchased was two colours blended together this is called blended colours. I would suggest to customers purchasing blended wigs please ask questions is the wig a blended human hair mixed with synthetic hair? Or a wig that is totally synthetic however it is blended with two different colours synthetic fibre?

Medical Wigs & Hair Replacement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 11 November 2010

When shopping for medical wigs and hair replacements units it would be wise to first understand the description of the cap. For example there are lace caps, gel caps, mono-top caps, fully mono-caps, partial lace caps, and skin caps, these are just a few caps. Here at Hair & Wigs Inc we offer capabilities and flexibilities with some of our Hair Systems. Our state of the art hair systems are available for men and women. In today's market there is really no need to order custom made expensive hair system.

Facts About Human Hair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010
Picture this a person for the very first time visiting a beauty supply store and trying to decide which bag of hair to purchase? This can be very difficult if the person selling the hair has no knowledge about the hair . What i am saying is too often people selling human hair has no clue about the product. Customers always call me about different brands of human hair and some would say this brand of hair is better than the other brand of hair. I often share an experience i had when i was in Indonesia, I took a train for 3 hours into the country side to visit one of the largest hair factory in the world. To my surprise this company was packaging human hair for many different hair companies in North America , in one corner there was this popular brand and in the other corner was another popular brand of hair being package for export to the North, yet each company was saying there hair was better than the other. So with human hair the most important question is, is it first grade or second grade?. First grade is remy or remy virgin or second grade is non- remy. I really do not care about the different brands of hair however after i know if it is first grade or second grade then i proceed to find out how it was process. Buyer beware.
Human Hair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Friday, 29 October 2010
I receive many calls every day regarding human hair quality. Customers are always confused about the different types of human hair and many times they have purchase 2nd grade human hair at 1st grade prices. Let me set the record straight. Human hair has only two grades 1st grade hair and 2nd grade hair. 1st grade human hair is called remy or virgin remy hair. 2 nd grade human hair is called non-remy human hair, or regular hair. I always suggest to the customers to spend a little more and purchase a good quality hair from reputable stores that will not sell you 2nd grade human hair at 1st grade prices.
Human Hair Processing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Sunday, 24 October 2010
As a person who is experience in the processing of human hair I would like to share with you a little info into the world of hair processing. After the hair is removed from the person head the hair kept in the same direction is consider first grade, when this hair is hackled to separate the short strands of hair from the longer strands once the hair continues to be kept in the very same direction when it was removed this continues to be first grade human hair. Once the roots and tips of the hair is mixed this becomes second grade human hair, or another word non remy. Non remy human hair is consider second grade.
How to Clean Hairpieces? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Monday, 04 October 2010

Hairpieces get dirty as a part of normal use. Hair-styling products build up on a hairpiece, and dirt and dust accumulate on it as well. A dirty hairpiece looks dull and is hard to style. It will tangle easily, and look flat and even dirty. Yet hairpieces have to be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging them.

How to Choose a Wig Style PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A wig can be whatever you want it to be. When you wear a wig, you can pick a style that matches closely to your natural color or style. Or you can break out of the box and try something new. There are many different options when you choose the right wig style and there are some factors to consider to make sure you make the right choice.

Hair Fusions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010

There are many myths and questions about hair fusions extensions systems. I have tried to list a few based on the hundreds of phone calls I receive each month. What is hair fusions? Hair fusions is taking a group of your natural hair strands and a group of the artificial hair strands and then fusing it together with an adhesive , resulting in making the hair fuller and longer.

Extension Care PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 16 October 2008

Get the most out of your lustrous locks! Be sure to properly care for your Extensions.

To maintain the integrity of human hair extensions, please follow these care instructions:

1. Do not shampoo for 48-72 hours after the extensions are completed, or after any maintenance sessions.

2. Do not scrub hair when shampooing or conditioning. Condition and detangle the hair from mid-strand to the ends. Avoid the scalp area.

3. Wrap hair with a towel to dry. Do not rub hair with the towel.

4. Use blow dryers on the lowest heat setting. The cool air setting is preferable. Do not use a forceful air setting when using the blow dryer.

5. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended products and never use products that contain acetone, alcohol or sulphur.

6. Before going to bed, protect the hair by pulling it back into a ponytail or bun to prevent tangling during sleep.

7. Brush hair with a looped brush several times a day, starting at the nape and working upwards. Never us a wide-toothed comb or attempt to remove tangles from hair ends. Be sure not to use a comb in the area between scalp and the extension bonds.

8. Some manufacturers approve of using hot rollers and curling irons as long as the wearer avoids using them near the bonds. Check before using.

9. Swimming pool chemicals and seawater weaken keratin bonds. Before swimming, wet the hair completely in the shower, put the hair in a bun and cover with a bathing cap. After swimming, rinse hair immediately and dry the base area.

Other conditions and guidelines may be specified by the extensions manufacturer. We recommend that you follow these specifications in order to extend the life and prevent damage to your extensions.

Lace Front Wigs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Thursday, 26 June 2008

As a master wig maker and designer, I have worked with lace front wigs for many years, both with customers and in the movie industry. I am considered an expert on this topic and would like to share some important information about these very natural looking wigs.

Safe Hair Weaving PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Monday, 16 June 2008

With the number of “tortures” many of us have subjected our hair to, it’s a miracle that we have any hair left at all. With the dominance of weaving techniques in the beauty industry, neglecting the natural hair we were born with has become too common. I have personally talked to many clients who have literally hidden their hair away under a weave or wig for so long that their natural hair is severely damaged. Don’t give up and swear allegiance to hair weaves forever. There are options.

A Global Hair Rush PDF Print E-mail
Written by Camille   
Friday, 09 May 2008

Camille, the founder of Hair & Cuticle Inc., has stepped in to educate consumers about the authenticity, quality and characteristics of human hair. Camille was the first person who imported this first-grade human hair into Canada over 20 years ago. Critics said she was crazy and that women would find it too expensive, but that did not deter her. Camille continued to promote the first grade cuticle human hair in Canada and now, 18 years later, is still going strong with the human hair being one of her most popular products. You have to know what you are buying though…


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